Worldlynx Wipe

Send your phones to us and we will guarantee your corporate security is protected by ‘wiping’ your devices before re-use or retirement.

In today’s digital world data theft is quickly becoming one of the most significant issues facing your business. Your employees are now using laptops, tablets and mobile devices instead of just desktops. All of these devices store confidential corporate data which can fall into the hands of anyone who possesses these devices, unless proper safeguards are followed. The ‘factory reset’ is not enough. The Worldlynx Wipe ensures proper protection by guaranteeing confidential data is completely wiped from your devices prior to reuse or retirement. This service will also:

  • Provide a complete audit trail throughout the device lifecycle
  • Allow you to easily manage via the use of the Worldlynx portal
  • Bundles extremely well with the Worldlynx Recylcing and Device Staging services
  • Provide your administrators with comprehensive reporting for all of your devices

What our customers are saying...

“As a smaller company we simply don’t have the time, resources or expertise to clear all of our devices after use. It becomes either a compliance issue for the users or mountains of admin work for our support staff. The Worldlynx Wipe takes care the worry out for our company.”