Worldlynx 360 Warranty

Our exclusive B2B warranty program provides the most timely and convenient claims policy available.

Wireless phones are a critical tool to ensure competitiveness in today’s mobile marketplace. While most phones are protected by a limited manufacturer’s warranty, you might be responsible for the total replacement cost if your phones are lost, stolen or damaged. Protecting these high value assets is a must in order to minimize cost and downtime. The Worldlynx 360 Warranty program can provide all the protection you need and more:

  • Complete coverage including extended Warranties
  • Coverage against accidental damage and lost or stolen phones
  • Advanced Exchange: The most timely and convenient claims policy available
  • Same unit repair (non customer induced) included at no cost
  • We guarantee we’ll buy back your defective units if they can’t be repaired
  • A variety of options for deductibles
  • Protect your devices all for as little as $2.75 per month

What our customers are saying...

“This program is not only affordable, it’s fast & hassle-free. Getting money back for phones that can’t be repaired is a really nice bonus.”