The best TV service just got even better! Introducing the 1st and only wireless TV service in Canada.
Why is Fibe TV better than cable?

Wireless TV

  • Get rid of ugly cables and outlets throughout your home
  • Move your TV anywhere in the house or even your back deck
  • Connect up to 6 TV’s to one wireless PVR

The Best PVR

  • Manage recordings for up to 6 TV’s from one PVR
  • Record up to 4 shows at once
  • Record up to 100 hours of stunning HD quality programming
  • Pause live TV in one room and continue watching on any other TV

The Best On Demand Experience

  • Don’t miss another episode - catch up on all your favourite shows at your convenience
  • Enjoy the latest Hollywood blockbusters or live sporting events
  • Access the most HD On Demand with 4,400+ titles
  • Free for the channels you subscribe to

Apps Right on Your TV

  • Access your favourite apps faster with the App Launcher
  • Keep up with friends with your favourite social apps such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Get the latest news on your favourite sports teams and players with TSN Xtra
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