Mobile Device Management

Alleviate call centre and IT costs by utilizing our complete solution for MDM roll out and management.

Is the influx of employee owned devices creating a security nightmare for your IT department? This trend can alleviate Enterprise costs and increase employee satisfaction, however managing this device mix can be chaotic. Join the thousands of customers that are already utilizing the Worldlynx Mobile Device Management solution:

  • Our dedicated resources handle most common tasks such as adding / terminating users & administering lost or broken phones
  • Monitor, track & secure devices from a single web-based console
  • Software Management
  • Supports Blackberry, Android and Apple iOS operating systems
  • Set Corporate security & policy definitions for your users
  • We offer a complete solution including initial roll out and ongoing management

Worldlynx’s Mobile Device Management solution equips your IT Managers with the ability to monitor, track & secure all of your devices.

What our customers are saying...

“Worldlynx was already placing an MDM on the desktop of our phones. Given their involvement in device moves, adds & changes, it only made sense for them to manage the entire console.”