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What’s new in the wireless world?

How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts on One Device

Over the last few years, Instagram has taken the social media world by storm, and Canadians have come to love this image platform. For many, the ability to share memories through images and video has become second nature, and the app is now a regular fixture on most smartphones. Find out more!

Best Android Apps for 2016

Apps, apps, apps. We all use them. Many of us spend hours sifting through the long list of available apps, finally picking those that stand out to us. Find out more!

Just the best Apple apps for 2016

The iPhone has long reigned supreme as one of the most popular smartphones, and it doesn’t look as though this will change at any point in the future – the launch of the SE last week prove that Canadians still line up early to get their hands on the latest releases, and await news of when the next one will be out Canadians also love their iOS apps, and can spend hours working through the list of the best apps.  Find out more!

Mobile Banking: Smartphones and Finance

For many of us, gone are the days of heading to the bank to check account balances, open accounts, even depositing cheques. Banking is changing, and now many of us head to the bank only to make withdrawals or for appointments that can’t be conducted online or over the phone. The evolution of mobile banking has made life that much easier, and smartphones in finance are now more common than ever. Find out more!

How does the newest LG device stack up? LG G5 review

The newest LG device, the LG G5, has been out for a few weeks now, and that means that it is time to review it. With a ton of awesome features, a sleek new design, and a camera that seems to be worth its weight in gold (although for a phone that weighs only 159 grams we are not sure that does it much justice), the LG G5 stands out amongst its peers as a device to be reckoned with. Find out more!

Mobile Security Tips – Usage in the Workplace

Mobility SecurityWith the rise of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ and smartphone usage in the workplace, mobile security has become a growing concern for many organizations. Since 2010, more mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) have been purchased than computers, especially in the business world. The increased usage of smartphones has led to a growth in established policies and procedures to stop the unwanted transmission of data and breaches of confidentiality. Find out more!