Device Staging

Receive all your devices ready to use right out of the box. Don’t worry about email set-up or complex account configurations.

With your employees using more & more different devices ensuring that each one is customized & configured to your companies specifications can be extremely time consuming. Worldlynx’s Device Staging service offers the following services to ensure your phones are ready to use upon delivery:

  • SIM card loading
  • Loading and authentication of mobile device management systems
  • ActiveSync Registration to ensure emails services are ready to go
  • 100% security compliance
  • Loading of modem drivers
  • Setting network and VPN configurations
  • Individualized application of screen savers and phone cases

On average, each new phone will require 1.2 “interventions” by your IT department within 30 days. Reduce this to virtually zero by signing up for Device Staging today.

What our customers are saying...

“We wanted to give our employees the flexibility to choose the phone they wanted. Unfortunately, we had no idea how much time it would take to install our security protocols on all these different devices. Turning this over to Worldlynx saved us a lot of time, money & aggravation.”