FibreOP TV - The best TV experience.

It's not cable or satellite - FibreOP TV uses the latest fibre optic technology to deliver the best TV experience, including access to all the most popular channels with stunning picture and sound. Plus ground-breaking features you won't find anywhere else.

Why is FibreOP TV better than cable?

Whole Home PVR

  • Record and play back shows from any TV in your house
  • Pause a recorded show in one room, and pick it up in another
  • Play the same recording on different TVs at the same time

Whole Home HD

  • All the receivers in your home are HD capable
  • You get HD on all receivers at no extra cost once you subscribe to it
  • Unmatched picture and sound quality

Video On-Demand

  • Choose from over 4000 hours and counting of the best movies and shows, including tons of HD titles
  • Get new releases the day they hit the video store
  • Browse and find movies - it's astonishingly easy with the super-fast On Demand storefront

Amazing Apps

  • Only FibreOP brings you amazing FREE apps right to your TV including Beam, Twitter, Facebook, The Weather Network,Galaxie and Atlantic Radio
  • NEW Beam App lets you beam videos from your iPhone or iPad straight to your FibreOP TV with the touch of a button - making sharing easy!
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