Asset Recovery and Recycling

Divert old phones from landfill by recycling your hardware via Worldlynx. You can even receive credits toward your next handset purchases.

Despite increasing public knowledge society’s solid waste continues to grow. Unwanted electronics waste is growing even faster, even though 90% of their components can be recycled, refurbished or reused. Our Asset Recovery and Recycling program will ensure the disposal of your mobile devices in an environmentally-friendly manner. It will also:

  • Allow customers to receive a credit of up to $350 when trading in old devices
  • Provide full reporting on users, devices, dates & processes
  • Reduce your workload by allowing Worldlynx to complete all the handling & logistics

What our customers are saying...

“We had boxes and boxes of old devices with no time to figure out what to do with them. We just kept piling up more boxes. Worldlynx’s automated trade-in process not only allowed us to dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner…we also were able to make money on the trade-in!”